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We create here family Smile

A beautiful smile builds confidence and brightens the world around you. Your beautiful smile is our goal at Dr.Ajwani Family Dentistry!


We love our families and are proud to serve up to three generations for some.
Dr. Himanshu Ajwani and Dr. Pritika (Dimple) Ajwani is patient-focused, creating individualized treatment plans in an approachable, friendly, and professional manner. Our phenomenal team is comfortable working individually and always happy to help patients with their every need. Every staff member is cross-trained at the office and able to help each other in any capacity.

Complete Dental Services

The greater part of our medicines and administrations are given in an agreeable, spa-like center, outlined by superb guidelines.For our patients, dental pharmaceuticals gave us have been completely exceptional! Be it a woman of great importance who expected to parade her shimmering whites on her D-day, an IT capable who expected to unhesitatingly pitch proposals or a health darling who expected to improve his oral prosperity and eating regimen. From laying out smiles and porcelain crown etching to full mouth dental inserts and mouth recuperation, Smilekraft Dentistry has successfully made modified pharmaceuticals for each patient. Here is a sneak take a gander at the when photographs of our smiling patients.

  • Dental Implants


    Get Bright New Teeth with Dental Implants

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  • Smile Designing

    Smile Designing

    High satisfaction with their new smile.

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  • crown & bridge


    Provide excellent chewing comfort.

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  • orthodontic


    Orthodontic Treatment at Dr. Ajwani's clinic

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  • root canal


    protects other teeth from strain.

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  • dentures


    Appliances made for the replacement of teeth.

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Although medical tourism is a known concept and is prominent in India, Dental Tourism is new but fast growing phenomenon.

Dental Treatment abroad is a very expensive affair and a major reason why India is considered a preferable option. Dental Treatments in Mumbai & Pune, India are at par with the international standards. The clinics are equipped with the latest technology, infrastructure and most importantly internationally trained and highly skilled dentists.

Apart from the cost factor, one gets a chance to experience the unique biodiversity of India.